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                            Increased Prizewinning Opportunities in Tullamore Show this Year.

There will be increased opportunities for the equestrian fraternity to be among the prize winners in Tullamore Show this year. Sunday 11th August should see the venue on Butterfield Estate, Blueball, Tullamore, packed to capacity with keen competition for the very full programme in the equestrian section, involving show jumping for all grades in the new meter system and all the regular competitions. There are classes for ridden coloured horses, ponies and in hand coloured ponies.

The location of the equestrian section has been brought more into the main activity area this year. Show jumping could be pre entered this year and the new admissions system will be in operation.
Tullamore Show has the only class of miniature stallions registered in the Irish Miniature Studbook Entries for the miniature horse and pony classes are especially strong while the Clydesdale and carriage driving classes show great promise. 

An exciting part of our equestrian section are the show jumping classes
Showing classes for every breed, age and size
Carriage Driving
An interesting and eventful addition to the equestrain section
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